Fräulein at Busan Film Festival 2016!

Fräulein – A winter tale, the movie debut of director Caterina Carone, with Christian De Sica and Lucia Mascino, will be the only... read more

“HEY” Best Film at Moondance Film Fest!

Hey, the first feature film directed by Alex Jovanoski, won the "Best Feature Film" award at Moondance International Film Festival... read more

The Artefacta awarded at Bellaria Film Fest!

Filmmaker Natalie Cristiani's directorial debut, Nicola Costantino: The Artefacta won the Premio Casa Rossa Art Doc at the 34º Bellaria... read more

Pawno, a new title in our Catalogue!

A new great film in Coccinelle's line up: Pawno. An aging pawn shop in Footscray (Melbourne) is the pulse for... read more


Hey is the first feature film directed by Alex Jovanoski, and tells the story of Leo, a young man... read more

I Am a Teacher

Spring greets us with a new movie in our catalogue: director Sergei Mokritsky‘s 2nd feature following on from the cinematic success of Red sniper, a the... read more

Fräulein – A Winter Tale

The movie debut of director Caterina Carone! The biggest solar storm that man has ever known befalls Earth causing global power... read more

Grasshopper Films buys US rights of “Nicola Costantino: the Artefacta”

Grasshopper Films bought all North American rights of Nicola Costantino: The Artefacta, our documentary directed by Natalie Cristiani about... read more

The secrets of classical composers and great artists

Beethoven, Mozart, Verdi, Chopin, Bach, Vivaldi, Caravaggio, Leonardo, Bernini... Discovery the lives of extraordinary men from the past: they changed the music, the... read more

Grazing the Sky in UK Theaters!

Grazing the sky, our acclaimed documentary directed by Horacio Alcalà debuts in UK Theaters! Opening Dec 11th at Curzon Bloomsbury... read more