Cat in the Wall on Amazon Prime USA for SXSW 2020

Prime Video presents the SXSW 2020 Film Festival Collection from Amazon Prime Video and SXSW with 39 films, composed of... read more

Drive me home

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On Prime Video

Grazing the Sky takes a revealing look at the incredible physical exploits of circus acrobats, and finds compelling stories of men... read more

“Back to Maracana” @IFFK – International Film Festival of Kerala 2019

Proud of our "Back to Maracana" at Iffk - International Film Festival of Kerala 2019!    Read more about the movie   read more

Best Director @Cardiff Italian film fest

Best Director @Cardiff Italian film fest DRIVE ME HOME read more

MOM+MOM: Best Performance in a Female Role

Mom+Mom wins "Best Performance in a Female Role 2019" at Iris Prize Festival for Linda Caridi read more

Cat in the Wall

Cat in the Wall, a new drama in our line-up, was selected for official Competition at Locarno Film Festival, that kicks... read more

Mom + Mom at Guadalajara International Film Festival!

The most recent addition to our lineup, Mom + Mom, directed by Karole di Tommaso, has been selected for... read more

‘The Stone Eater’, a gripping thriller set in the Italian French Alps

We have a new thriller in our line-up: The Stone Eater, directed by Nicola Bellucci and based on the acclaimed... read more

The final Adventure of Kaktus Kid: Aleksandar Zograf’s investigation back to WWII

Directly from Beldocs 2018, comes the story of an unknown artist, called Veljko Kockar. His story is discovered by worldwide renowned cartoonist Aleksandar... read more