The final Adventure of Kaktus Kid: Aleksandar Zograf’s investigation back to WWII

Directly from Beldocs 2018, comes the story of an unknown artist, called Veljko Kockar. His story is discovered by worldwide renowned cartoonist Aleksandar... read more

Blowing-up “Blow-up”, behind the Swinging London revolution

Blow up, Michelangelo Antonioni’s masterpiece, turns 50. This documentary, directed by Valentina Agostinis, is a series of interviews to the... read more

Plan B – True love comes when least expected

From the director of These daughters of mine comes a story of many themes about searching for love and... read more

Roberto Bolaño, the most significant Latin American literary voice of his generation

A new doc comes to Coccinelle's lineup! 'The Invented Biography' is a documentary about Roberto Bolaño, the Chilean novelist and... read more

A new doc about Oscar Rabin, one of the originators of the Russian non-conformism

A new documentary in our lineup: 'Oscar', the story of russian artist Oskar Rabin, who one of the originators of... read more

Roberto Capucci, the artist considered by Christian Dior “the best creator of Italian fashion”

Roberto Capucci is one of those names that few know but that weigh heavily in the history of Italian... read more

‘Taranta on the Road’, a journey between music and pursuit of freedom

"Everyone has a sea in front of him to cross" Just added to our catalogue, Taranta on the road is the... read more

‘Here is Coccinelle Film’s revolutionary business sales model’

A new revolutionary business model for film sales that responds to producers' requests for a greater financial control, a... read more

Our latest addition, “The ball”, debuts at Tallinn Black Nights Festival and triumphs at TFF

Pasquale Scimeca's The Ball, the latest addition to our catalogue, had its world premiere at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival... read more

Who will Save the Roses? A special, touching love story…

A new italian film joins our movie list: Who will save the roses? (Chi salverà le rose?) marks the... read more