First Try


Directed by: Enza Negroni
Original title: La prima meta
Year: 2016
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English
Duration: 76min

40 inmates of different nationalities, cultural and religious background form the prison rugby team.
Their sentences vary from 4 years to life. No one has ever played before and they must learn to stand together and live together, sharing the field as the life in prison. Hard training and matches are always played at home. The fast pace matches are alternated with the slow rhythm of the prison routine, waiting to step into the field with captain Gheorghe.

Thanks to Max, the coach, his ability and human qualities, the multiethnic team becomes more and more united in the field as in the everyday life. To reach this goal he teaches discipline and the values of rugby: loyalty, solidarity, mutual support, respect for opponents and rules of the game. Both physical performance and understanding of the game must improve, but most of all, inmates personal relationships must evolve to a new state of awareness.

At the end of the championship and after many defeats and months of intense training, the team wins for the first time a very special match attended by their families. Happiness and emotion alternate during and after the match. In the third time ‘Giallo Dozza’ and their relatives share a plate of pasta and few intimate moments.

This documentary is about growth, overcoming difficulties and positive results. A unique educational project, as unique is the ‘Giallo Dozza’ rugby team, in defeat and in victory. After the victory life changes during detention but the team has to face a new challenge.

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