Grazing the Sky

Grazing the sky

Directed by: Horacio Alcalà
Original title: A ras del cielo
Year: 2013
Languages: French, English, Italian & Spanish
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Duration: 87min

★★★★★ “breathtakingly elegant and audacious” – Patrick Peters (Empire)

★★★ “handsome documentary” – Wendy Ide (The Guardian)

Grazing the Sky takes a revealing look at the incredible physical exploits of circus acrobats, and finds compelling stories of men and women confronting adversity – including the real risk of severe, debilitating injury. The price of life in the limelight includes years of study and practice, an iron discipline, an ongoing commitment to learning new skills, and constant travel far from home. The films takes us from a Circus School in Gaza, Palestine to Cirque Du Soleil in Sydney.

Director Horacio Alcalá has been involved with the circus arts for seven years, including Cirque du Soleil. In this film he travelled to 11 different countries over the course of five years to capture the private stories of circus performers. He finds a new reality where aspiring circus performers can learn their craft in specialized schools rather than through family heritage. The trapeze becomes a metaphor for life’s ambitions and the given contrast, poignancy by the ever-present risk of a fall.


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