Directed by: Alex Jovanoski
Original title: Hey
Year: 2016
Languages: German
Subtitles: English
Duration: 90min

, a young man with a drinking and a gambling problem owes some local gangsters money, he cannot repay. Seeing no other option, he breaks into a random apartment at night. Unexpectedly, he is caught in the act by Ella, a young woman and aspiring artist, who just got diagnosed with a devastating disease, ALS. In shock, Leo throws her to the ground and runs away at first, but a strong feeling of remorse and curiosity makes him go back to the apartment, the same night.

Ella is not moving, nor showing any reaction to what happened, even after Leo helped her up, she seems to be in a state of apathy, not even wanting to call the police. Relieved, that nothing worse happened, Leo decides to stay at Ella’s place, to hide from the gangsters.

A peculiar bond forms between the odd couple, which will change both lives for good…

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