Nicola Costantino: The Artefacta

Nicola Costantino the artefacta

Directed by: Natalie Cristiani
Original title: Nicola Costantino: La artefacta
Year: 2015
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Duration: 75min

Cristiani portrays non-traditional perceptions of beauty and converts audience members into art critics in the process of her film” – Elle Leonsis (Indiewire)

beautifully crafted film […] thought-provoking narration becomes a work of art in itself” – Annette Mangard (POV)

Meet one of the most controversial and admired artists of Latin America. An immersive and daring plunge into the peculiar world of one of Argentina’s most controversial artists, Nicola Costantino.

The daughter of a gynecologist surgeon, she draws inspiration from the peculiar and macabre, creating disturbing and strangely beautiful pieces of work comprised of molds of human skin, giant pig balls or, in the case of ‘Savon de corps’, a soap made out of her own fat. She also represented Argentina at the 2013 Biennale and MOMA with her intense and emotional video performance on Eva Perón.  The film has been sold to US indie operator Grasshopper for US and CAN, set to screen in the fall.

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