The Ball

Directed by: Pasquale Scimeca
Original title: Balon
Year: 2017
Languages: English
Subtitles: Italian, French
Duration: 94min

After keeping on seeing for years boats with immigrants going from Africa to Italy, acclaimed director Pasquale Scimeca decided to go to Africa himself to understand what’s really going on: this movie is the result of the stories he was told from the people and of his research.

Amin and his sister Isoke’ live in a village of poor people in Sub-Saharan Africa. One day, a band of predators attack the village, burn their home, and kill their parents and brothers. Left alone, the two children flee north to the desert, where they are rescued by a couple of archaeologists who take them to Libya.

Here they are captured by a militia, after months of imprisonment, of violence and work as slaves, they succeed in getting on a boat that drives the anchor towards the unknown…

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