The Stone Eater


Directed by: Nicola Bellucci
Original title: Il mangiatore di pietre
Year: 2018
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English, German
Duration: 109min

A thriller in the Italian Alps. Luigi Lo Cascio plays a passeur, Cesare, who in search of a murderer, realizes he can not escape his fate.

Cesare (Luigi Lo Cascio), a former bootlegger and human trafficker who lost his wife some years ago, finds the murdered body of his nephew Fausto in a remote Piedmont valley. Cesare himself introduced Fausto to the business of smuggling but left the ‘business’ when Fausto decided to specialize in drug trafficking from Italy to Switzerland.
As soon as the police starts to investigate the murder case, Cesare comes under investigation. But soon the widowed loner wins the trust of the leading investigator Sonja di Meo…

Based on the acclaimed novel by Davide Longo.

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