No binding contracts
We believe in a new concepts of personalized distribution without binding your film to distribution contracts for years.

No hidden costs or expense charges on your sales revenue
Using flexible strategies, working with the right targets and exploiting the potentiality that the web 2.0 has opened, today all of this is possible.

Direct experience on both sides: sales and TV programming
Our experienced consultants are able to utilize their extensive knowledge of the television industry in terms of acquisition, programming and audience so we can pair the right product with the right channel, filling the gap that sometimes crops up between buyer and seller.

International network
We work with a decentralized international network, which is able to capitalize on its decades of experience in the film industry to move quickly and to respond to new market challenges.

We can guarantee availability. Being an agile agency, we can tailor our work to your needs and prioritize communication and coordination with producers and filmmakers.

All those are our major strengths!