Film sales

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Coccinelle film placement operates in theatrical, TV and VOD film sales throughout international markets. We represent narrative films, documentaries and TV-series. Look at our catalogue!

Coccinelle film doesn’t bind up your property rights in contracts for years. Rather, it gives youyour film sales revenues clean without recouping any expenses. We can do that thanks to decentralized, agile and non-bureaucratic assets.

Coccinelle film draws on  experience in international film sales, acquisition and strategic programming for major broadcasters. We are able to pair the right product with the right channel, filling the gap that sometimes crops up between buyer and seller.

Furthermore, Coccinelle film is aware of the speed at which the market changes and is constantly on the lookout for new ways of film promotion and distribution. Today it is fundamental to target the niche markets and use the potentiality of web-marketing in order to position a film in such a competitive industry.

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