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A new revolutionary business model for film sales that responds to producers’ requests for a greater financial control, a flexible and international network of professionals capable of meeting the needs of film producers and buyers. This is what Coccinelle Film Placement is, this is what Coccinelle Film does, told in this interesting interview with our founder Francesca Breccia by Cineuropa.

The business model
In the interview, the revolutionary business model used by Coccinelle for film sales is well explained: first of all we talked about how Coccinelle is not a traditional sales agency, but an international network of independent professionals, specialized in film sales and scouting, which has adopted a new business model: the goal, in fact, is let the producer have financial control over the sales’ results without anticipating costs. You understood well: no mimimum guaranteed for Coccinelle.

Once a sales contract is terminated, the producer invoices the buyer for the entire sum negotiated by Coccinelle. Only afterwards, Coccinelle charges the producer for its fee and any additional costs for materials. Coccinelle also doesn’t tie producers for years, but offers 12-month contracts with – of course – the possibility of renewal. Producers’ satisfaction is Coccinelle’s main goal: they must feel free to evaluate their options if they’re not happy with this business model.

Market & Festivals
Another Coccinelle’s purpose is make market and festivals ‘talk’ to each other: since the cinema industry is a business, and the producer, distributor and seller want a return on their investments, independent cinema, to survive, needs to learn how to speak a universal language. This is the only way for indie movies to reach another audience outside the festivals. At the same time Coccinelle believes that film festivals can create a buzz with the press and buyers: a tailored and targeted film festival strategy can make the difference for a movie, which can have a long life in festivals around the world.

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