Life in the film business word has changed since Francesca came on board. After she saw our film, knowing about the situation of a film during the Pandemic time, she made a perfect sales job. Francesca, made dreams come true and our film got extra meaning with her. Coccinelle is another word for professional and worm taking care of your film. Thanks Coccinelle for taking care of us.

Boštjan Ikovic

Producer of The Space among us

For the first time, I felt the same love and dedication as mine for the film. Working with Francesca is simple and fun. Great professionality and sympathy. The communication is fast and accurated. Coccinelle’s work is capillary and targeted. To make it short, it could not have gone better.

Simone Gandolfo

Producer Vera de Verdad

Trust. Dedication. Accuracy. Transparency. Work, work and work.
All those come to mind as a reflexion on our collaboration with Francesca Breccia, the founder of Coccinelle Film Sales. When a festival pops out wanting our film, we knew that the screening and promotion materials were already flying their way. And prior to that, for a festival or a buyer to learn that our film is around, Coccinelle has done all the work necessary for a film becoming worth their time and money.
Should we make another film any time soon, we shall be hoping that Coccinelle would come on board. Under the current circumstances, the cinematic endeavours have become a sort of a masochistic hobby, and Francesca’s presence and influence gives this adventure a feeling of a safe oasis.

Miroslav Mandic - Slovenia

Filmostovje - film SANREMO

Francesca is a very hard working and honest sales agent. Her reports are very clear and she is always on time for the reports and on top of all that she has connections very deep in the industry including connections in festivals and buyers all over the world. Our movie flies around the world with Francesca and Coccinelle Film which is all we need from a sales agent.

Hossein Panahi - Turkey

Producer of "At the end of Evin"
“Coccinelle Film requested information about our upcoming debut CAT IN THE WALL at the Berlinale Copro Market a year before completing the film. We liked the political and social engagement of the company. As filmmakers we have a strong conviction to reflect on reality through a political lens. Before our world premiere in Locarno’s Concorso internazionale we received many requests from sales agents and we chose Coccinelle. It was the best decision!
Coccinelle Film has revolutionized our idea of how a sales agent can be a best partner. They helped us regain trust that this business can actually bring profit to the small independent producer. They are warm, caring and completely transparent – yes, it is true – the revolutionary model works extremely efficiently!”


Working in partnership with Coccinelle Film Placement, and in particular with Francesca has been a pleasure since 2014. They have embraced our relationship and work with passion which has driven them to sell Grazing the Sky from USA to Australia and all over Europe. Their communication has been clear, honest and friendly, their payment model suits and it is fast. They have always shown passion in their daily work, and of course we will continue to work with them in the future.

Horacio Alcalà

(Director/Producer of Grazing the Sky)

Coccinelle Film provides a business model for extremely modern and effective international sales.
Thanks to a consolidated and efficient network, the costs for festivals and international markets are minimized and the cashflow is maximized for the benefit of the manufacturer, who is the first to cash out the proceeds of sales. Punctual and accurate also in the Festival strategy, Coccinelle is a partner we are very pleased to work with.”

Tempesta Film

We’ve started to work with Coccinelle a year ago, and they are doing an amazing work with our film.
They are young, motivated, and professional, and very passionate about the films they take. They have a great team with good presence in every continent and every festival and market.
Their unique distribution model proves itself and we are very happy with the progress and revenues from our film so far. We are very happy about our cooperation with them, and hope to work with them on other films in the future.

Greens Production - Israel

Coccinelle just sold internationally one of our film and we couldn’t be more happy of this collaboration. The results exceeded our expectation. Surely this is due to the great passion and professionalism shown by their team combined with their modern, transparent and efficient business model. Their presence in every continent really helped our project visibility and its chances to meet international buyers. We surely hope to work with them again soon. Thanks Coccinelle!

BiBi Film - Italy

We would like to sincerely thank Francesca and her team of Coccinelle Film Placement for all the hard work they have done for us.
In early 2016 we released our first big movie and not having many connections abroad we were very happy to get acquainted with this sales company.
To be honest, it was they who found us and offered their services. They believed in our film and saw success in its future. Since then, because of their efforts, our film found its way to 3 continents and has been succesfully sold to China, France, Emirates, Denmark and even the US.
We look forward to continue working with this great team in 2018 and further persue the conquest of World Film Market together.

Ilya Muromets Films - Russia

(Producers of I am a teacher)